Next, wordpress slow we’ll add two new menu items which link to the SitePoint home page and the SitePoint Community Forums. After that, add your website URL with https under the ‘Replace’ field. You also need to make sure that both the https and http versions are added in your Search Console.

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Search engines like Google consider https and http as two different websites. We know that we did when switched our websites from http to https. After that, you will need to find them in your WordPress theme and replace them with https. Combined with the 301 redirects that you setup earlier, Google will transfer your search rankings to the https version of your website, and you will most likely see improvements in your search rankings.

This will be a little difficult for most beginners, as you will not be able to see which theme files contain these URLs. Another common culprit causing mixed content error is your WordPress theme. However, any content on Internet need media for publication, a system that can run it well. This theme has a free landing page template and a social media button.

The theme also allows you to change the color scheme according to your preference from the landing page. Beautiful Pro is a flowery StudioPress WordPress theme that allows the user to display multiple contents. This is a great WordPress theme that allows users to benefit from its cafe and restaurant feel. Another wonderful theme from StudioPress is the Cafe Pro theme. Don’t worry if you are not running a restaurant or a cafe as years u can always customize this theme to suit any business that you want to run.

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